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Cancellation of October Alcester Food Festival

Alcester Food Festival was cancelled in October 2023.  This was due to risks arising from Storm Babet. The Board has spent time to review the impact of having to cancel the event. The safety and wellbeing of everyone at our events will always be our first concern. Cancelling an event, however, also has a financial consequence.

Our goal is to generate money from the events we run. That money is distributed to good causes in our local community. The Alcester Food Festival has grown in stature over the years. It is now an important event in the annual calendar for Alcester. Our next event will be in May 2024.

Long term, the weather is changing with our climate. Stronger and more volatile weather events are occurring more frequently during autumn. The Board now considers the financial risk is too great to run our open air festival in October. We will not therefore be running an event in October 2024. 

This decision affects our October event only.  Alcester Food Festival will continue in May as usual.

David Henderson, Chairman


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