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Raffle Tickets & Aprons

Did you know that Alcester Food Festival is run by volunteers and puts money back into the Alcester community?

SUPPORT US BY BUYING Raffle Tickets or Aprons at the Organisers Stand!

Raffle Tickets - £2 per strip

Win 1 of 5 prizes filled with goodies donated by the exhibitors! Draw at 4pm.

Thanks to Waitrose Alcester for providing a prize!

Thank you also to the exhibitors who have donated goodies to make up the prizes:

Bear Eats, Bexton Cheese, Bil-Tomms Biltong, Brockleyby's Pies, Brownie Che, Copperbeech Brewing, Farm to Shop, Flint & Flame, Garlic Farm, Hashtag NOM(#NOM), Hogan's Cider, Jacky's Pantry, Jethro's Sauces, Legends Food, Pimp Your Mayo, Pine Nut Path, Pinnock Distillery, Pizza Traders, Poacher's Pies, Popty Cara, Project Doughnuts, Resin Chopping Boards, Rotari Cakes, St Maur, Sugar Craft Studio, The Finest Fudge, The Little Garlic Plate and The Outdoor Pig Company.

Alcester Food Festival Aprons - £8.50 each

Take home your very own apron branded with the AFF logo!


You can pay with Cash or Contactless.

Good luck!



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