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Did you know that the Alcester Food Festival is independent of the Court Leet?

Following feedback from locals after the last Festival, we found that some of you were unclear on how the Alcester Court Leet is involved with the Food Festivals.

Whilst the Court Leet aren’t directly involved with the organisation of the Festivals, there are various connections between the two organisations:

  • The Court Leet is a member of Alcester Food Festival (to find out more about membership, click here!)

  • They usually step up to help on the day... the Court Leet are just one of the groups of the local Alcester community who volunteer their help when needed!

  • The age old tradition of the Court Leet assizes, involving tasting samples from a small number of stalls, normally takes place on the day.

  • Current and previous members of the AFF Board are/have been involved with The Court Leet too!

The AFF Board are the organisers of the Festivals. They spend months planning everything required for the Festivals and are there on the days to oversee everything. Find out more about the Board by clicking here.

Look out for the Court Leet at the next Festival - they're hard to miss!!



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