Festival News


Alcester Food Festival takes a responsible and mindful approach to recycling waste and litter resulting from each event.

It is amazing how much refuse is produced in one day! Our stallholders are encouraged to clear their own areas – particularly at the end of the day. The organisers aim to leave the streets of Alcester clean and free of litter and are grateful to all volunteers and organisations that help do this.

Litter Free Alcester is a dedicated team of local volunteers who encourage stallholders and visitors to be responsible and they work hard to collect all litter during the events.  

Budget Waste Management is a prominent waste recycling company that provides a skip for the collection of Food Festival rubbish. The company effectively deals with the ever-growing demands of waste disposal, recycling materials in the ‘greenest’ way possible. Landfill is the most expensive method of disposal and Budget Skips was chosen as being a “green” skip company.

Approximately 95% of all the ‘waste’ they take to their site, is sorted on  site and made good for recycling. In a typical month, they provide over 4000 tonnes of raw materials for paper mills, plastic manufacturers, landscape gardeners, construction contractors and others. Instead of going to landfill, these recycled products are thus put to good use, saving energy and approximately over 5,000 tonnes of additional C02 production per year.


  1. Plastic is visually assessed and separated then bailed.
  2. Plastic bales are then shipped for further treatment later being used for recycled plastic production


  1. Paper and Cardboard is sorted and stored then compacted and bailed.
  2. The bails are then used for recycled cardboard production.


To date, food waste still has to go to landfill. This is about 5% of the waste produced by the Food Festival.