Festival News

The High Bailiff

High Bailiff of Alcester and his Officers preparing to check if the Food Festival Produce is ‘Fit and Wholesome’ for the people of Alcester.

Alcester Court Leet will again be conducting their traditional 700 year old ‘Assize’ of Ale, Bread, Fish and Flesh providers at the Food Festival. Cider and pies may also creep in too!

The Court, headed by the newly elected High Bailiff of Alcester, Steven Brown (who for his sins is also the Chairman of Alcester Food Festival!) and Low Bailiff, David Parkes, will be visiting selected stalls from 11:00am in their colourful robes and conducting the ancient ceremony to check that the produce offered for sale meets the required standard. Successful exhibitors will receive a certificate to display on their stall and a sprig of evergreen to show those visitors unable to read (of which there were many in olden days!) that the produce has been assized and found to be of a quality fit for the consumption of visitors.