Heather's Harvest

Six years and growing

Heathers Harvest is an independent business that offers top quality products and service at an affordable price. The business has been built and grown from a passion to create wonderful condiments that will compliment, enhance and add a unique twist to the flavour of the more traditional meal to the most ambitious and intricate recipe.

The company was born in 2006 out of a small monthly market stall, but due to its popularity has grown steadily to generate a considerable repeat client base from all corners of the UK. The product proved so popular with some visitors from Colorado that they now order 20-30 jars every year when visiting the UK.

The key to the success of Heather's Harvest is not just about providing an unforgettable product, it is also about the whole journey and experience from the moment of purchase to enjoying the final product.

Tel:07791 953369
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